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Off Day / Re: Explosions at the Manchester Arena.
« Last post by Toon1 on Today at 01:38:47 PM »
Jesus an 8 year old confirmed dead :(

These f***ing cowards targeting kids i feel sick to pit of my stomach

RIP little one
Off Day / Re: General Election Time.
« Last post by DontSellCabaye on Today at 01:11:02 PM »
I think it's far to say that that's what he wants you to believe... What matters is whether you do.

Well... you could argue it's a multiplied effect.

By going to Uni to study something worthless (I don't know... gender studies, media studies, etc) is a bit of a double whammy - not only is that person not out there in the workforce (hopefully) participating in the economy, but they're taking money out in the form of a student loan which may never get paid back.

If I'm totally honest, I'm not entirely sure I get the point of it... not many young people in this election* are likely to vote for the Tories, they'll probably mostly be voting labour anyway - so why pledge to spend money that you don't need to, in order to appeal to people who will aready vote for you?
(*Though it appears that by the next election, that younger generation may be very different - it seems they're quite a conservative bunch... but actually conservative, not Tory)

Of the 15-20 people I know closely who went to university, the 4 who done media studies and myself who done graphic design are the only 5 making a living from their degrees.

Don't make claims about something you are clearly out of touch with or have no experience of. The narrative that tells you those degrees are worthless are wrong.
Off Day / Re: Explosions at the Manchester Arena.
« Last post by Deffy. on Today at 12:54:20 PM »
23 year old man arrested in connection with the bombing.
Off Day / Re: Whitley Bay- what happened?
« Last post by Big Al 99 on Today at 12:48:54 PM »

Hello Hank you god loving bumface :) x
Off Day / Re: 11 years as a member
« Last post by Big Al 99 on Today at 12:43:47 PM »
Have you had a poo tash today pozitivity?
Off Day / Re: Surrey all posh or not?
« Last post by Big Al 99 on Today at 12:42:57 PM »
I thought you didn't like any references to your failed application to become a jockey?...

That would knob jockey.

or a man who likes to jockey some knobs
General Football / Re: Italian Footballers
« Last post by ohsholaameobi on Today at 12:41:39 PM »
Didn't Osvaldo quit football to play in a band? Was awesome at Roma/Fiorentina/Espanyol
The Club / Re: Parking The Bus
« Last post by ohsholaameobi on Today at 12:40:32 PM »
Didn't we score the joint most goals and concede the joint least?

With Liverpool he finished 2nd, 4th, 3rd, 3rd, 5th & 6th.
Over the time he was there, they gradually scored more and more goals each season, with an average of 62 goals a season, while conceding an average of 32.

Aye they had Gerrard and Torres and Kuyt etc. but Chelsea, Man Utd and Arsenal's squads were far superior at the time.

General Football / Re: SMB thread
« Last post by ohsholaameobi on Today at 12:32:13 PM »
Basically took them down with his negativity and s*** signings, realised he's gonna have about 10 players left and little money next year, so he's walked. What a w***ker haha. Imagine if they get Pardew
Off Day / Re: Explosions at the Manchester Arena.
« Last post by BikeSeatSniffer on Today at 10:44:36 AM »
Reaction needed. Pussy footing around on the off chance of having the racist card pulled ends.

Change your facebook filter, mate. That'll show 'em.
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