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Frustrating, that's the "F" word I would use to describe that performance, we have so many players who are frustrating to watch, Atsu being the main one, but also Yedlin, Shelvey, Ritchie and Diame.

Atsu first half skinned the leftback and got a good cross over that Dummett sliced over the bar, he also had a brilliant run at the heart of their defence which gave us a free-kick on the edge of the box, now this lad is deeply religious, his twatterfeed consists mainly of quotes from the bible, one recently read "fear is the imagination we create in our minds", that could be just trying to reassure himself because he definitely has a fear of trying to skin defenders which in truth he is more than capable of doing much more often than he does, and clearly he embraces a quote from the gospel of Matthew "Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth" because he needs to grow a set and tell Shelvey to f**k off and demand to take that free-kick seen as he created it, and should have told Ritchie the same second half, he needs to learn a quote from the geordie bible "shy bairns get nowt".

Perez though, f***ing hell that run he had on the edge of the box, I don't know if they showed it on MOTD, where he did the old Beardsley shimmy, the hip swivel and step over combination then crossed for Gayle to head wide. round of applause and I actually said outloud "thas f***ing vintage Beardsley that mind" and this old twit in front turned and looked, if you can remember the way the guy from airplane looks at Ted Striker when he asks him to pinch him to make sure he's not dreaming?,..well that's the look i got, but Perez played well today one of the best players, Dummett was good also, nowt flash just steady away,

Clark to me is a nervous wreck, now Lascelles is a great leader as has been said and we've established that, he can organise, he can lead by example, and as he said in his Daily Mail article this week he doesn't care less if he upsets his team-mates, he does whats best for the team which is all well and good, BUT I don't think that Lascelles is necessarily a "calming" influence on the defence, whcih is why we still have these keystone kops moments sometimes,....and therefore that is why I reckon it will be a big mistake getting shot of Mbemba, because he is the only CB we have who is calm and composed under pressure, Clark has loads of passion and commitment but always looks totally stressed, Lejeune always seems far too relaxed to the extent of appearing half asleep, like someone needs to grab him by the shoulders and give him a good shake to wake him up, and Lascelles today had a few moments himself where he was less than decisive, so for me I would have Lascelles and Mbemba at CB every day of the week, but Raf knows best.

Finally Bony's chance what was he thinking?, Darlows out of the picture, Lascelles and Yedlin on the goal line, the shot had to be hit head height, it was a no-brainer, at least force one of the defenders to either head it or handball it...DOH!!
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Perez was really good again though he could've scored with than one he went with his right rather than his left. Atsu was canny. Shelvey played well first half. Dummett had an excellent game.

Yedlin was horrendous defensively time and again let the crosses come in. Ritchie was anonymous and his free kicks were dire. Gayle missed a sitter and finishing was wayward.

Should've buried them first half but point was probably fair by the end. I cannit really blame Rafa for missed chances but we did seem to sit back and concede possession 2nd half.
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A lot of our games are so tight and nearly, that it stands to reason what an extra bit .of quality and a reasonable spend by the owner would have got us a handful of extra points and would get us another handful of points before the season is out.

of course we wont address it